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Ongoing Prayer

   Discussion: Ongoing Prayer
Aryeh tikwiza MWAFulilwa · 10 months ago
mobile +26 0969180578 !!!! VISA next Billy graham"Tikwiza aryeh rob MWAFulilwa' to USA from ZAMBIA!!!! : Born again=regenerated=bloodwashed=salvation citizens country=redemption natives nation=atonement populations planet***%%%$$###'Tikwiza aryeh robert PAtrick MWAFulilwa' to emulate the next BILLY GRAHAM grace charis & chen...mercy said yes..glory & grace..subdue & dominion, rule & reign blessing & wisdom...power & authoritymakarios***tefilah..birkat kohanim;, barakhah*qal%niphal#piel$pual..hiphal..zosimo%cenobitic%agiasmos$$$ African freedom day vs. USA Independence Day 25th may or 4th July What is common sense & to who humanitarian  2022828000 Rev.Tikwiza aryeh robert MWAFulilwa 1)voyage  induce  Exigency     for national security  recognise  redeemer  respct  with GODly  reverence 2]journey  incite  mandate    for humanitarian  safekeeping  acknowledge  heroic  honour  sacredness christ  eucharist 3}travel   summons   ultimatum   for  worldwide  precaution  identify  saviour  glorfiy  with sanctity of GOD 4\expedition   request   necessitate  for  earth  guarantee  diagnose  rescuer  promote with inviolability 5)trek    yearn  visa  covet    entreat     for  global  sanctuary concede realize  heroic  exalt  with  reverence  inviolability 6]trip  crave   citizenship  stipulate   implore  for  mankind  refuge  cherish  comprehend redeemer  lift up  sacred  sanctity  somberness for drunk; lewdness lost gain integrity faithful: dignity leader for lasciviousness dominion worldliness..rule unclean...subdue other topics agenda..reign unholy unGODLY..unrighteousness..unbelievers...overcome...lust flesh..yearn body soul..crave immorality..subdue other topics, Goodness land living, taste see lord good, only GOD good;within flesh vile passions humanity nature animal brutal mankind will temptations..moments submit to GOD highway holiness...right no wrong wickedness..just no bribery usury extortion..adore affection ethnic value system hierarchy strongholds..romance kindness..inherent stimulate...intrinsic hormonal evolve ULTRA MODERN passion!!!***&&##%%%: Los angeles`-`-`=> Lusaka waldorf historia for Pamodzi hotel NEAR MANDA HILL 58 STAR PHONE +26 0211 254455 Belvedere lodge KABULONGA NEAR Cross ROADS/ST MARYS phone +26 0211 251761/ +26 0211 253036 Golden Bridge Hotel NEXT TO LEVY JUNCTION PHONE + 26 0213 324601/ . +26 0211 239333 RADISSON BLU 5*STAR NEXT To emulate Dr.billy Graham public outreach Please check foreign affairs for antiGOD nazi or slavery corrupt bribery extortion false allegations ideals!!philopshies need ASAP VISA passport valiant tenacious battle preach gospel crusades save lost!!Mobile +26 096  321 3644   Rev.Tikwiza aryeh robert MWAFulilwa LORD I believe help my unbelief Cursed is the man who trusts in man Blessed is the man who trusts in GOD Have Faith In GOD Oh ye of little faith If you have faith the size of mustard seed you will move mountains that is not reduced to naught aways abiding little great He could do no great work their because of their unbelief to believe is to obey mighty acts of faith not rebellious disobey is as sin witchcraft which is rebellion I have not seen such great faith no not here in ISRAEL Written words Faith the letter killeth but the spirit gives life Faith comes by hearing hearing the spoken word OF GOD Au was blessed to write epistle Jesus christ wrote little he spoke much the disciples recorded his mighty acts moses wrote torah 1st 5 books what did retain get 30 fold 60 fold 100 fold not increase on written must be walked imparted written killeth because of unbelief watch determination To write may be trust in man to speech after prayer intercession supplication is to Rv. Tikwiza aryeh robert richie MWAAAFulilwa stanbic bank Lusaka main Zambia account numbr:0140535602401 swift CODE:SBICZMLX Mobile +26 096  321 3644   obey ordinances heavenly follow precepts rhema word hearken statutes kingdom desire take heed principles Reverence sober mind sobriety /somberness Veneration not Abstemiousness Consecrated not Solemnity Hallowed not sedateness Sacred not intoxicated Sacrosanct not staidness Inviolability not inebriated Sanctity not drugged /smashed Land rights Need Prophet relocate USA asap has family based in USA VISA journey expedition voyage trek migrate National security Global safety Humanitarian sanctuary Earth precautions Mankind collateral Worldwide guarantee that USA can hear Africa +26 0973808931 divine/wealth/beauty/skills From recession to boom; from slump to growth; from downturn to upturn; from stagnation to escalation, from collapse to surge; from decline to flourish; from depression to affluent; from bankruptcy to thriving Oppress tyrannize coerce repress subjugate dominate torment `-=> independece autonomy Control domination hegemony manipulate dictate-`=>liberation emacipation Ownership possession-`=> freedom sovereign christ candour priority precedence primacy dominance not bitter about love & hate but focus sense irrational...illogical wise; emphasis dead & alive; not cruel & kind or zoom in custom of righteousness or wickedness ...each tribe shifts what is sense but the language does not tongue not issue culture tradition region history ancient modern future , not attractive but obedient; not desire but non rebellious black Heroic act like locate terrorist not reverenced...%negroid saviour more sacredness****3rd world rescuer intro sanctity of religion%%#‪#‎dark‬ <>skin redeemer inviolability! Natural ordinary innate inborn instinctive inherent artless spontaneous geuine sincere relax biological ecological environmental raw crude Renewed souls thoughts Rejuvenate new vibrant skin radiant health Revitalize new intercession marry the lamb Reinvigorate new power might zeal Restore sound mind Rekindle flame global romance Stimulate to good works Name: ARYEH Robert Patrick Tikwiza MWAFulilwa Mobile +26 096  321 3644   The right date courtship that is no Guarantee marriage marry partner spend time mind collaborate Precaution weddings needs met physiological Safekeeping Nuptials passion Assurance Bridal costs Warrant Matrimony commitment Pledge Conjugal hormonal imbalance Certification Bridal physical needs Security honeymoon love affair Sanctuary Celebratory romance like daily REFUGE Connubial Christ like love personality Name: ARYEH Robert Patrick Tikwiza MWAFulilwa Mobile +26 096  321 3644   New imagination Ideal perception Innovative Contemporary Pristine New-fangled Fresh attitude

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